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Wandering on Soundcloud again and here is what we stumbled on: Robby Hunter Band. Perhaps you already know about Robby (guitar and vocals), Pat Howard (drums) and John Coughlin (bass) as their Magic City Hippies debut album’s been out for a year now. If that’s the case, our apologies for missing this! If not, you will be pleased to discover an album full of experiments, exploring many realms including pop, hip-hop and even a bit of disco; all of it with an infectious funky touch.

You know it, YMT is all about Music, Love and Discovery; we do not do gossips, we do not do politics. But what happens when good Music faces war and blood? Well, you have to choose: you either ignore or make “an exception”. I’m afraid Zohara’s fully self-produced visual for Soldier cannot be ignored… It’s been done long before the current conflict and we must warn you it is quite disturbing as well. You don’t understand? Zohara lives in Tel-Aviv; is it clearer now? Pretty tough to make a stance in this millennium conflict and YMT is not the place to do so anyway. So let’s make it clear: YMT is not pro-palestinian, nor pro-israeli; we simply cover good music and second Zohara’s message: “we’re tired of war”. Encounter with a peaceful representative of a generation who’s sadly traded hope for perpetual conflicts.

(via Introducing: Zohara - Soldier (Interview Video))

There is something disturbing in this mix, a delicious feeling of insomnia, something that makes us willing to fight against this whole World sometimes so asleep. Something that calls us at night.
Max Cooper – Woven Ancestry (Lusine Remix)
Chet Faker – I’m Into You (Monkeyneck Remix)
REID – Singapore
Autograf – One (Swedish House Mafia Cover)
Tremor – Caracol (Chancha Via Circuito mix)
Marlena Shaw – Woman of the Ghetto (Flume’s Jackin House Mix)
Galimatias & Joppe – One Step Back feat. GoldLink (Instrumental)
Lido – Lost feat. Muri (Stwo Remix)
Salt Cathedral – Tease (Kodak to Graph Remix)
Samuel Truth – The Cold
Freaky Frogg – Right There
Kania – Ha21 feat. Nigel Mphisa
Brika – Expectations

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